ARM laptop of Windows 10

Microsoft and Qualcomm preparing ARM laptop

ARM laptop of Windows 10

Microsoft’s partners, including Asus, HP, and Lenovo, are preparing ARM laptop. That will change the alignment of forces on the market. According to the manager of the company Pete Bernard, laptops with ARM-version of Windows 10 will produce a “revolution” in the market. And they will need to recharge once in “two days or so.”

The publication Trusted Reviews reports that Qualcomm intends to bring Windows-laptops with ARM processors in December. And Microsoft promises to provide these devices “many-day” use of battery power. However, so far, other details are being left out.

Snapdragon Notebook

Recall that last year, Microsoft promised to launch notebooks on the market with Snapdragon 835 chips, which will work longer than usual. In addition, applications are optimized for the ARM-processor. So, these devices will be able to run full desktop programs due to the built-in Windows 10 emulator.

Last year, Microsoft representatives showed how the Office applications run and Photoshop works under the ARM version of Windows. The company promised that the programs will work almost without delay, and developers will not have to make changes to the code.

What about Apple MacBook?

According to experts, Apple should also work in this direction. i-company is already making some progress in the 2017 MacBook. For example, the touch-sensitive OLED-line Touch Bar already feeds its own ARM-processor. However, the “bionic” chip A11, which already appeared in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. This theory can provide the MacBook Pro with a much longer battery life.

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