Creator DOOM estimates VR-applications developers are lazy

The great figure in the game industry and technical director Oculus Rift John Carmack said that even though mobile platforms will never be able to match the PC in their capabilities, without their development, the broad masses can not see serious projects in virtual reality. The visionary raised this issue within the framework of his speech at the Oculus Connect exhibition, which was held on October 11 and 12, where the wireless VR helmet Go was presented.

Among other things, John Carmack noted that modern developers, creating programs for virtual reality, do not make enough effort and are lazy, and most of them make projects exclusively for top-end PCs equipped with the latest components. Of course, not every user can afford them.


Carmack is sure that instead, they should work on optimizing the code for processors and video cards of the middle price segment, because only in this way can you contribute to the spread of innovation – to work on the basis of technology, and not vice versa.

“Magic software is more important than Magic hardware” – Carmack asserts

Speaking about this, the developer specified that the creators of VR-programs should pay attention primarily to mobile platforms. Because the rest of the industry is increasingly focused on them. The fact that “mobile technology will never hijack the power of personal computers” should not hinder developers, but encourage them to develop programming skills. This, according to Carmack, is the only way to “move” the VR segment forward. The guru of the industry is sure that virtual reality will someday become mainstream, but for this programmers need to work harder.

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