iPhone X

Apple will halve shipments of iPhone X

Apple will halve the volume of shipments of the smartphone iPhone X, scheduled for this year. This is reported by the newspaper Nikkei.

The reason for this situation is technical problems with the face recognition function. According to the agency, difficulties arose with the connection of OLED panels, and although the problem was generally solved in July, difficulties in assembling the user face recognition module continued to arise. Reportedly, the situation was corrected only by the end of September.

Apple should produce about 10 million iPhone X per month, but given that the smartphone is expected to be launched on November 3, this year the company will be able to deliver only 20 million devices, which is half the amount originally planned, Nikkei said.

According to the agency, the company has already begun negotiations with counterparties for additional production of separate parts, so it is likely that they will be able to reach the planned volumes of the new smartphone.

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