The possibilities of artificial intelligence in Huawei Mate 10

A few days before the presentation of the flagship smartphones Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei mate 10 Pro, the general director of the Huawei consumer business group, Richard Yu, talked about the possibilities of artificial intelligence in future innovations. The devices will be installed on a 10-nm technical process eight-core processor Kirin 970, which received a dedicated unit for machine learning. This allows you to perform tasks related to the use of artificial intelligence, not in the cloud, but directly on the device itself.

“Today it is difficult to achieve innovative achievements in the field of information technology. To increase computational speed and performance, we created 14-nm and 10-nm processors. We even have a 7-nm solution, but does this mean that we can improve efficiency, reduce power consumption and achieve greater performance by simply installing more transistors on a silicon chip? If we continue to solve our problems in this way, ultimately we will face limitations in size and performance. We really need a revolution in technology. Breakthrough “, – by Richard Yu.

According to the head of Huawei, artificial intelligence technologies will allow devices based on the Kirin 970 to do what previously smartphones could not do, or for which they had to use cloud services. For example, the chip has a built-in face detection module. It allows you to recognize the skin tone, the color of eyes and skin, covered by different objects. Using this data, the smartphone is able to create more natural portraits in terms of face lighting, color adjustment and focusing. For example, Kirin 970 allows the smartphone to automatically identify the background and objects in the frame, as well as perform high-speed optimization to create better photos under any lighting conditions.

Kirin 970 also supports up to 32-bit sampling parameters at 384 kHz without loss of audio data. Machine learning algorithms can effectively control external noises and amplify audio signals, for example, when talking on the phone while driving a car.

Richard Yu also said that Kirin 970 is an open platform for developers and partners of the company. This means that in the future there may be applications that use the machine learning capabilities to provide new functions.

The presentation of Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro will take place next Monday, October 16.

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