the evil within 2

Critics are delighted with The Evil Within 2

No sooner had the horror of The Evil Within 2 reached the stores, as representatives of authoritative gaming publications got acquainted with the novelty and were exposed to the first ratings. It seems that the sequel markedly surpassed the original. On the Metacritic aggregator site, the average score of the first part of The Evil Within is 75 (based on 65 reviews), and the sequel, which was rated by 16 critics, earned 80 points. The press noted that the project really reached a new level.

 True, it should be noted that some reviewers still were not the highest opinion of the game. So, Attack of the Fanboy put The Evil Within 2 solid “three” on a five-point scale, and GamesRadar + and Game Revolution rated the game in 3.5 points out of 5 possible. Representatives of these publications thought that despite improved in many ways the gameplay and visibly prettier graphics, the sequel still gives way to the original in terms of atmospheric and identity.

Release The Evil Within 2 was held on October 13. The game was released on Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Recently, the publisher of the game Bethesda Softworks said that the novelty will be protected by the DRM-system Denuvo, but the day before the release of this idea was abandoned. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the other day anti-piracy defense in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was hacked in just a day.

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