6 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

Uninstaller software is one of the essential needs for getting rid of unnecessary software. If you don’t know about it, let us clarify that it helps install the other software programs. Now you may get confused. What is the purpose of installing an uninstaller software to uninstall the other programs? We all know that it is easy to uninstall software through the control panel. So why is the need for the Best Uninstaller Software for Windows? The uninstaller program is necessary if some software doesn’t run smoothly through the normal process, or you think it doesn’t remove altogether.

The uninstaller software removes the program or even improves the installation process of a program. It monitors the installation process to ensure whether the uninstallation is ready or not. Moreover, it triggers the uninstallation process and ensures that all the relevant caches are removed with one click. The uninstaller software from different developers serves the various features. So you need to know about your needs and then choose the uninstaller software. Here we will share some best uninstaller software for windows that help you understand the features, and you can choose one according to your needs. So let’s dive into it.

List of the 6 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

Uninstaller software reaps many benefits to you. But it’s only possible to avail of its features if you get the best software. Of course, hunting the best uninstaller program is pretty intimidating. But what if you get a list that presents the top-rated programs to your table. You will be sure to get software from that list. We, therefore, have compiled this list for you after extensive research. Let’s take a look below:

  1. IObit Uninstaller
  2. Revo Uninstaller 
  3. Ashampoo Uninstaller
  4. Wise Program Uninstaller
  5. Advanced Uninstaller Pro
  6. CCleaner Professional

Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

Here you will find the best tools that cater to your needs and help you enhance your PC’s performance when required. This review section also helps you to decide on a product based on its pros and cons. Let’s start!

1. IObit Uninstaller – Best Uninstaller Software for PC

If you are looking for an all in one uninstaller software, ten IObit Uninstaller is the best option. By having the IObit Uninstaller, you can search your installed software and then remove the program. It uninstalls all the browser toolbars, plugins, downloads through windows, or updates. It also helps you to know which program in your software is updated to the newer versions. One of the great features of IObit Uninstaller is its context menu integration.

So you can click on the program even on the desktop and choose to remove it without knowing the uninstall utility. So it provides an easy uninstall program interface that helps to delete the programs running in the background. You may be amazed at how one can uninstall a running program—having the IObit Uninstaller bring a green dot on the program and get the option to remove it. Moreover, after removing the program, you can scan the registry and check for the leftover files or the data.


  • Provide different ways to uninstall the software
  • Ability to remove the software
  • Deeply monitor the installation to remove the program quickly
  • Identifies the bundleware
  • Available for all the windows


  • Show frequent ads

Bottom line – IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is our top priority when it comes to uninstalling any file. It works well with its top-notch features and lets you optimize your system’s speed.

2. Revo Uninstaller- Portable Uninstaller Software 

Revo Uninstaller is a portable uninstaller program that has the regular unstable version also. It has one of the unique features of Hunter Mode that helps to manipulate the program through an open window. You can view the software’s installation folder and kill the process, even if the program runs in the background. Moreover, when you uninstall software with Revo uninstaller, you can also run it in advance mode and scan the registry files to clear the leftovers.

Keep in mind that nobody needs the leftover files after uninstalling a program. So you can delete all the surplus items or caches by using the Revo uninstaller. It also has an automatic restore point, junk file cleaner, and privacy cleaner. These are all extra tools that you need to clear the windows background from unnecessary files. Moreover, it also has a professional version that helps handle troublesome folders and remove them with additional tools. Revo uninstaller works with windows 10, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.


  • Remove the program with unique ways
  • Scan and clean all the leftover files
  • Also, have the portable version
  • Provide many free tools
  • Easy to use interface


  • Batch removal is not supportive

Bottom line – Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller offers you many ways to remove unwanted files. It not only removes unnecessary files but also restores accidentally removed files within a few minutes.

3. Ashampoo Uninstaller – Best Premium Uninstaller Software

Ashampoo Uninstaller is one of the premium quality software that clean up the device and monitor new installations. In addition, it scans the system and removes every trace of the unwanted apps that can slow down the system. As a result, the Ashampoo Uninstaller plays a significant role in performing maintenance. It has a simple interface and provides simple menus to clear the software. One of the noticeable features is its screen overview.

It has a supportive yet straightforward screen containing numbers to help you focus on the number of applications and plugins in your system. Moreover, it can automatically track the changes in your computer and remove the additional prominence. But it is your choice that you can also choose to deactivate the log installations. Ashampoo Uninstaller not only removes the software but also clears all unwanted software with the effective scanning technique.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Significant role in performance maintenance
  • Unique screen display 
  • Show the fact and figures of the installed apps and plugins
  • Bounce tools for maintenance


  • Don’t have the noticeable con yet

Bottom line – Ashampoo Uninstaller

Ashampoo uninstaller comes with the latest updates and features and satisfies you with its bulk of features. You will surely find this software perfect for maintenance. Also, the way it monitors new installations is pretty impressive. All in all, it is a must-have software for uninstalling extra data.

4. Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise program uninstaller is similar to much other uninstalling software. However, it supports the quick and easy removal of the software by clicking a few buttons. For example, you can uninstall your desired program by clicking the right-click context menu in the explorer files. Once the program uninstaller finishes the uninstalling process, it will run the automatic scanners to scan the computer, especially to detect the registry or the leftover files.

It is common for some files or registry folders to be left even after removing the software. So the scanner can detect them and delete them as well. Moreover, it has a forced uninstall feature that helps to remove a program with force, but only if you tried to delete and fail with the regular Uninstaller. However, it is more common than normal uninstallers to forget to remove the entire program, so the forced Uninstaller is the best option.


  • Work with different window versions
  • Clean and modern interface
  • Delete entries from the registry 
  • Forced uninstall the software
  • Have the portable version


  • Sometimes show ads

Bottom line – Wise Program Uninstaller

While hunting for the best uninstaller software you can’t help yourself stop getting the Wise Uninstaller Program for cleaning the junk. It is best known for boosting your system’s speed and maintaining the privacy of your system.

5. Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced uninstaller pro is one of the free programs for removing the software from windows. It has all the standard features scanning the leftover registry items, context menu integration, and many supportive tools. It has the monitored installations that help to snapshot the computer before and after installing the program.

Moreover, it can identify the changes in the system even on the installation mode. Advanced uninstaller pro has an easy-to-use interface that helps to remove every file. It can also remove the programs during the modified installation process. Advanced uninstaller pro runs the scanner after uninstalling the program to detect the leftover files and the registry folders.


  • Remove all the leftover after uninstalling the software
  • Monitor the installation and delete the entire program
  • Back up the programs
  • Provide other supportive tools
  • Quickly uninstall the program with explorer


  • Some tools look like clutter

Bottom line – Advanced Uninstaller Pro

The simple and clean interface makes sure that you get a lot of features that improve your system’s performance. Particularly if you want it for your business it’s a perfect fit for you. Moreover, its optimization tools are a bonus for you in this software.

6. CCleaner Professional – Best Free Uninstaller Program for Windows

The premium software makes it easy for you to scan your system. It effectively scans thumbnails, unwanted files, and registry items. By doing so, it makes sure that you save your time for reloading the extra files. Its user-friendly interface makes it a great choice for those who want simple uninstaller software for Windows.

Also, its free version offers you many features so it makes a way for you to get feature-loaded software if you don’t want to invest money. Further, it allows you to uninstall the files one by one. You can run the scan on many accounts. Besides, an uninstaller program CCleaner has many other features like cleaning of Registry files, removing junk, clearing browser cookies and many more.


  • Pretty simple interface 
  • Scans all the issues quickly 
  • Bunch of features 
  • High-by performance software 
  • Available at budget-friendly rates 


  • Basic level uninstaller software 

Bottom line – CCleaner Professional

CCleaner provides many tools that don’t let your system creak under extra files. So just set it to your system and forget about your system’s maintenance. It does all for you!

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Wrap Up – Best Uninstaller Software for Windows

The Best Uninstaller Software for Windows lets you uninstall many extra files from your Windows system. Also, the software boosts your system performance and optimizes the speed of your system. Hopefully, this roundup will help you find the best tool for you. In case you are but stumbled upon your product, we will recommend you choose any software from our top three picks, including IObit Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, and Ashampoo Uninstaller. 

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