10 Best System Security Software for Windows

Having reliable and robust system security software is essential for protecting the privacy of the workstations and, most importantly, for the client’s data. Usually, the internet community is growing fastly, and there are good and bad users. As a result, we all face these consequences that attackers want to sneak into our privacy as we develop as we evolve. 

So the system security software is a true blessing. It gives massive benefits to its users and ensures that every person feels safe in this vast online world. The system security software enables the users to detect, maintain and grow effectively. It not only protects the attackers but also helps to manage the workstations and employees from remote places. 

Moreover, how many desktops, smart devices, tablets, and mobiles are in your house? Every device needs antivirus protection from randomness and viruses. So secure them with the appropriate system security software. 

Here we will share some system security software that is insane with its interface, features, and capabilities. You can choose one from them according to your requirements. Some are paid, but many software is free with incredible support. 

So let’s dive into them without any other time.

List of 10 Best System Security Software

We have compiled this list after rigorous research. Take a peek at our hand-picked list. 

  1. AVG Antivirus
  2. Norton 360 Deluxe
  3. WebTitan
  4. McAfee Total Protection
  5. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus
  6. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 
  7. Bitdefender Total Security
  8. VIPRE Ultimate Security
  9. Teramind
  10. TunnelBear

Best System Security Software

Want to solve all security issues of your system? Choose the right system security tool right away. This part of the write-up helps you to get the best product for you based on its pros and cons. So, let’s get started! 

1. AVG Antivirus – Best System Security Software

This unique system security software offers malware and ransomware protection. Although its free version has many tempting features, you avail of its premium features by getting the paid version. From automatic locking to automatic scans for sensitive data, and webcam protection to AI-based detection, it provides everything in its paid version.

It not only highlights existing viruses but also doesn’t let the new malware threaten your system. You will find it as the safest software that won’t damage your data. Further, its android version features an anti-theft phone tracker that protects your phone if it gets lost.


  • Freeware software with many useful features 
  • Clean and simple interface 
  • Its scan removes malware 
  • Excellent support 


  • It runs slow sometimes 
  • Lacks full protection 

Bottom line – AVG Antivirus

You can rely on it for the unlimited free options that it provides. Also, the paid version will give you the next-level experience. All in all, it provides full malware, ransomware, real-time, and phishing protection.

2. Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is an amazing software for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS devices. It provides its users with tons of tools without denting their wallets. The striking features include dark web monitoring, hosted online backup, no-limits VPN, parental control system, and much more. One of the best things about this system security software is that its tech support experts contribute to removing the malware by logging in to your system. Amazing, right? 

Moreover, My Norton App also lets you solve many malware problems and security issues. Even though you can add many extensions like Norton Safe Search, Norton Password Manager, and Norton Home Page. Also, Norton’s firewall offers protection from outside attacks and to your network connections. 


  • Unlimited VPN
  • Reliable firewall 
  • Cross-platform security 
  • It contains tons of security features to protect your system 


  • Any features are not present mac or iOS devices  

Bottom line – Norton 360 Deluxe

With excellent lab scores and amazing features, it stands out from the rest. It has almost everything that you wish in any antivirus software.

3. WebTitan

WebTitan is a DNS-based system security suite that provides a full range of protection from cyber threats. It makes sure that no malicious site, malware, and ransomware would damage your system. The way this web filtering protects your system from online threats is incredible. Its threat intelligence engine is the world’s largest engine makes it worth considering software.

Further, it allows you to set up the web filter without encountering any hiccups. Also, it blocks phishing sites and ensures that no phishing sites would affect your system. It performs URL filtering, provides real-time reporting, and integrates billing and other systems. All in all, it helps businesses to provide a better experience and safe environment to their end-users by crafting the best policies.


  • Ease of use 
  • Free technical and customer support 
  • Highly accurate yet reliable filters 
  • Offers granular policy controls 


  • A bit difficult to install 

Bottom line – WebTitan

It is a cloud-based system that protects your business from many potential threats. It provides excellent control on web content and an HTTP and HTTPS security layer.

4. McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is one of the paid system security software that provides incredible features. You need to pay the renewal fees and get the security system at your place. It is easy to use and has a usable interface. Although the McAfee Total Protection and TunnelBear are the same, it provides exceptional security to the users and all the connections.

Moreover, it doesn’t have any bandwidth caps for making a better user experience. It gives the protection scores that help you to work only on weak points and strengthen the security. It has easy to use interface even when you are working online and face some glitches.


  • Easy to use interface 
  • Malware protection 
  • Regular updates maintain its user experience 
  • It contains encrypted storage 
  • It provides a multi-user option without denting your wallet 


  • Takes time for scanning 

Bottom line – McAfee Total Protection

Whether you’re a casual usual or a security expert it is equally suitable for both. It offers decent customer support, VPN, password management, and QuickClean feature to boost speed and security.

5. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is the perfect solution for dealing with system malware and viruses. It is one of the paid tools that give monthly plans but offer incredible features. However, you have the free trial version, but the paid version is insane. It assists in protecting valuable data against attackers and viruses.

Further, it will automatically update if it detects anything wrong, but you need to have a stable internet connection. Also, it provides ad blocking, bank privacy and much more. Avast Business is cloud-based security software that provides security solutions to businesses. After subscribing, the user will get the cloud-based management and help you secure the workstation with a quick and easy-to-follow interface.


  • Easy to use and easy to set up 
  • Decent reporting capabilities 
  • Detection of unknown threats 
  • Easy to deploy software 


  • Some features are not up to the mark

Bottom line – Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus protects your system from unknown threats. It is a well-featured security suite with built-in management that makes it one of the reliable software.

6. Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is one of the great security systems that help manage and protect clients’ privacy at workstation servers. It is easy to install and gives defined security policies that are easy to understand and manage. So if you are working on multiple servers on your network or workstation, having reliable security software is necessary.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Endpoint Security gives you the administrative tools that help support and manage the system on the entire network. So it is one of the valuable tools that make managing a job easy and secure. Moreover, it has both free and premium versions that you can choose according to your requirements. 


  • Detects malware, phishing sites, and viruses completely 
  • Easy to install software 
  • Competitive security platform 
  • Software deployment 


  • Does not provide scheduled reports 

Bottom line – Kaspersky Endpoint Security

This lightweight security software is popular for its security features, effective scanning power, and excellent network protection. Also, it detects malware and ransomware accurately. Its easy-to-use interface ensures that you can access its features without any hassle.

7. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is one of the well-known security software that is on the top list of experts. It is a Romanian tool that covers antivirus tools and packages. Moreover, Bitdefender Total Security gives excellent performance and effective malware removal services. If you want to get the security and other protection features, Bitdefender Total Security is the best option. It also provides a free built-in VPN that is a plus.

Furthermore, it has the spam filter in its free version and works well. It has a cost-effective paid version that gives additional customer support, VPN, antivirus, and many more. Bitdefender Total Security is easy to install and use, providing real value to your time and money.


  • User-friendly and versatile software 
  • Best for its antivirus solutions 
  • Lightweight security software 
  • Antimalware protection 
  • Straightforward and pretty easy to use 


  • A bit pricier software 
  • Does not provide full protection against modern-day threats

Bottom line – Bitdefender Total Security

If you are looking for system security software Bitdefender Total Security is the perfect solution for you. Its amazing features include VPN, parental control, password management, and many more.

8. VIPRE Ultimate Security

VIPRE Ultimate Security has two types of security labs that help test and secure the security of the system. However, it has reliable malware protection, customer support, and ransomware detection. It is popular for its security features, user-friendly design, and many more features. One of the additional features of VIPRE Ultimate Security is that it helps to secure the damaged files. So it is one of the best security or antivirus systems that give reliable services.

Moreover, VIPRE Ultimate Security provides a real-time scan from the threads from any attack and harmful link. You can choose the quick or full scans according to your workstation requirement. Plus, it is easy to use, install and help in quickly detecting any security attack.


  • Offers 360-degree protection
  • Effective, fast, and reliable scanning action 
  • Its interface is pretty easy to use 
  • Excellent cloud-based and server management options  


  • Sometimes it sends unnecessary notifications 

Bottom line – VIPRE Ultimate Security

It provides antivirus and malware protection without consuming too much of your system space. It stands out from the rest because of its scanning features and email protection feature for potential clients.

9. Teramind – PC Security Software

If you want a user-centric security system, then Teramind is the best option. It helps to monitor the activities at the workstation and the digital behavior of the employers. You can also get the streamlined data of employees to identify lousy or suspicious workouts. So it helps to improve security, productivity and enhance monitoring powers.

Moreover, it enables control and reduction of security incidents with real-time alerts from every user. You can manage the system by getting on-time alerts, lockouts, warnings, redirects, and many more. Furthermore, its free android app makes the monitoring more easy and quick.


  • Robust and user-friendly interface 
  • Amazing customer service 
  • Performs active and idle time analysis 
  • Provides policies for data loss prevention 


  • Requires strong internet connection 

Bottom line – Teramind

If you want to get the great experience of using any system security software, this is the right tool for you. This software tracks the user activity effectively and is the ideal choice for employee monitoring.

10. TunnelBear

You may also be familiar with the hype about TunnelBear. It is one of the fantastic system security software that has reasonable speeds. However, overall, it is an excellent system security software that provides on-time reports. And It also offers yearly reports that are a plus point from its competitors. Plus, it provides a free trial for the first month, then buys if you like the services.

It is easy to download and install in less than a few seconds. Moreover, it is also easy to use and secure your privacy by setting passwords. So if you are looking for high-end security software, then TunnelBear is one of the best choices.


  • Intuitive interface and easy to set up 
  • Cross-platform software
  • The free version comes with many features that even paid rivals lack
  • Amazing security features 


  • It does not save the online activities of its users 
  • It does not have super fast speed 

Bottom line – TunnelBear

Its playful theme and easy-to-use interface make it an effective choice for those who don’t have a technical background. Its versatility makes it suitable for small businesses to large users.

Final Words – 10 Best System Security Software for Windows

One of the best ways to offer protection to your system is by installing the best system security. You might have chosen your favorite software after reading this write-up. But if there is any ambiguity, and you are not sure about your purchase. We recommend you to consider AVG Antivirus, Norton 360 Deluxe, and WebTitan as the best system security software. However, it still totally depends on your work routine that which one works best for you. Now it is your turn to try some of the best system security programs and do let us know that which is your best system security software.

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