5 Best Software to Increase Typing Speed

Fast-forward today, software to increase your typing speed has become very popular. Decades ago, people entertained the services of experts to get their typing work done proficiently. Nowadays, the situation has changed a lot and the world is shifting towards digitalization. And typing the content is a demand of this digital world. The need for typing is rising with the digitalization of the world. It becomes essential to use these programs to increase your speed and to type with accuracy.

The advancements in technology have enabled people to utilize the software that helps them hone their typing skills. This way, they can type something at the pace they want. Admittedly, the voice typing tool has made it easier to type by just speaking. But there’s no denying that these tools can’t replace typing, particularly if you want to stand out from the rest in the corporate world. Typing software makes it easier for you to type computer documents without any hassle. Getting the typing tool is not everyone’s priority. But it is also a fact that these tools polish your typing skills. And offers you a systematic way to learn typing.

List of Best Software to Increase Typing Speed

If you have low typing speed and want to increase your pace, the software to increase your typing will help you do that. In reality, they have become the need of the hour. Since the market is flooded with many software that boosts your typing speed. So, choose those that make learning typing at your pace is not an easy task. We have funneled a list of the best software to increase your typing. Let’s take a look at this list:

  1. Typing Master
  2. Typing.com
  3. Typesy
  4. KeyBlaze 
  5. Klavaro Touch Typing

This hand-picked list includes tools that allow you to increase your typing speed while playing games. They make this task entertaining for you. Also, they are equally helpful for beginners and experts. And also, for those who want free tools or paid tools. Whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac this list has something for you.

5 Best Software to Increase Typing Speed

If you want to improve your typing speed and want accuracy while typing, these tools prove helpful. They track your progress and enable you to improve your areas where you want improvements. Further, this section of the review of each software will provide you with details of each program with its pros and cons. 

1. Typing Master – Best Software to Boost Typing Speed

Windows PC users can’t thank enough to this software that incredibly helps them increase their typing speed. Though it is one of the oldest software, its functionality is unrivaled. And millions of users have been using this software for decades. It is perfectly designed for wannabe typists and helps them increase their typing speed. It features ‘Satellite learning’ that allows you to improve typing even when you are not using this tool. Moreover, it also makes its users so perfect in typing that they learn how to type fast and accurately without even looking at the keyboard. It makes sure that you enjoy the process of typing and won’t get bored while learning typing. 

It employs the modular teaching approach that helps beginners to learn effectively. Its progressive tests provide you an hourly full evaluation and enable you to know the areas where you are lacking. Therefore, knowing your weakest areas you can set goals for yourself and reap benefits from its suggestions. If you don’t want to dent your wallet you can choose the free version of this software. But if you want to fully avail of this software, the paid version is the right choice.


  • Its interactive lessons with fun games make it more interesting
  • It helps you to boost your typing speed by graphically representing your finger positions 
  • The real-time widget shows your progress 


  • The user interface is not intuitive and a bit boring


It is a must-have tool for you if you want to learn and improve your typing speed. It is simple to use and helps you focus on things that assist you in improving your writing.

2. Typing.com – Free Software to Increase Your Typing Speed

Tyoing.com is a well-known software to increase your typing speed. Using this software you get to know your failings in tying and it helps you hone your typing skills. Its striking features and usability make it stand out from the rest. Though it is free, you can’t help yourself but get this software to increase your typing speed. Also, you can rely on this software if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on the paid software.

Its typing lessons are simple yet easy to understand for beginners, intermediate, and professional typists. Not only it provides typing lessons but also it offers typing tests that measure your accuracy and speed of testing. Moreover, you can monitor your progress by comparing your scores. Amazingly, it works to draw your attention towards typing. The virtual keyboard enables you to press the right key. With each typing drill, you find a real change in your typing speed. If you are a kid and want to learn typing then this is the best software that features comprehensive keyboarding.


  • Free software
  • Tracks your progress and help you improve your skills
  • Customizable lessons and testing system
  • Entertains you with games while typing


  • The free version contains ads

Bottom line 

This freeware gives you easy choices and makes typing a breeze for you. It provides you with multilingual content and customizable lessons that boost your learning process.

3. Typesy 

It is a feature-rich and intuitive cloud-based software that helps improve your typing skills. The best thing about this software is that it lets you learn at your pace. Therefore, you can auto-adjust its features according to your pace. It doesn’t matter what your level of expertise and your age group is, it is best for everyone. It lets the children boost their creativity. Thus it polishes their creativity skills. As a whole, it enables beginners to improve their writing from scratch. So you can rely on this software to reach a proficient level. Since it is a cloud-based program, it is accessible on any computer.

Moreover, it contains many games of different levels so you can enjoy each game type according to your skills. The number of drills, lessons, instructors all help you achieve your goal of improving typing speed. It is pretty easy to use. In case you find any difficulty using this software, it allows you to learn typing. Further, it provides reports about your progress and you can track the progress. You can set your own goals and Smart Goals help you improve your typing speed by drawing your attention towards points that need improvement.


  • It has numerous typing activities 
  • Suitable for children, students, businesses 
  • Cloud-based software that allows you to sync it across any devices
  • It helps you transfer and edit the pre-installed templates of drills


  • It does not support Android devices
  • Lacks multi-lingual support

Bottom line 

This popular software comes with many versions that suit individual needs. It offers you a single platform to improve your typing while enjoying the games.

4. KeyBlaze – Budget-Friendly Software for Typing

Its user interface is easy. So, it helps you increase your typing speed in a short period. Its unlimited lessons and activities enable you to polish your typing skills. It makes the learning process fast and easy for you. Both beginners and professional typists can use this program equally. Also, its assessments let you know your progress. So, you can track your progress to improve your weakest areas. Moreover, it graphically shows your results and compares them with your previous results. The way this software demonstrates how to improve typing is simple yet matchless.

Further, it contains fantastic games like Word Blizzard that urge you to type words fast and accurately. You can customize your lessons and set your goals accordingly. It provides you with an efficient typing experience. It allows you to install a lot of features present in it without breaking a sweat. As a whole, it follows a structured approach to learning and helps you achieve your desired goals.


  • Available for Mac and Windows users 
  • This single platform support unlimited users on one license
  • The paid version is not expensive 
  • Expert tutors customized the lessons 
  • Can be accessed offline 


  • Lacks cloud-based support 
  • Does not contain advanced features in the free version 

Bottom line 

Overall it is a budget-friendly choice that allows us to type faster in a more easy way. You can either choose its free version that lacks many basic features or opt for its paid version that is full of many fantastic features and available at budget-friendly rates.

5. Klavaro Touch Typing

If you are looking for a simple and basic tool, Klavaro Touch Typing is the right choice. It does not use too much space or memory of your system. So without worrying about your storage space you can rely on this software. Its interface is clean and clutter-free. Depending upon your level of expertise you can choose the learning module from its four learning modules. Its learning process is simple and enables you to know the basics of typing.

So, it makes the learning process easier and allows you to increase your learning speed. Once you have started learning it shows your progress in charts and graphical form. It provides a multilingual approach. You can choose your preferred language. Furthermore, it allows you to choose your keyboard layout which can be edited according to your taste. 


  • The user interface is straightforward 
  • Does not consume your storage space 
  • Editable keyboard layouts 
  • Multilingual support


  • Lacks graphical elements to show your finger’s position

Bottom line 

It is open-source software that is user-friendly. It improves your typing skills and helps you increase your typing pace with the keyboards.

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Summing Up- Best Software to Increase Your Typing Speed

Learning to type fast is a demand of this era. Thankfully, the best software to increase your typing speed comes in handy to improve your skills. Typing Master, Typing.com and Typesy are popular and must-have software that help you develop proper skills for typing. 

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