11 Best PC Optimization Tools for Windows

Best PC optimization tools help you repair your system that is showing unusual behavior and has become sluggish over time. These tools identify problematic sites, perform scans and fix errors by performing repair functions. Once they have optimized the system, they let you handle your tasks effectively and give you a better user experience. They not only give your PC a new life but also enhance your business productivity. 

List of the Best PC Optimization Tools

Finding the best optimization tools is the real struggle. We have researched the best tools available in the market. After considering many factors including; their features, affordability, convenience to use, effectiveness, and whatnot we have compiled the following list: 

  1. CCleaner 
  2. Norton Utilities 
  3. iolo System Mechanic
  4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  5. BleachBit 
  6. AVG PC TuneUp
  7. Razer Cortex 
  8. Advanced SystemCare Free
  9. CleanMyPC
  10. Restoro
  11. Avira System SpeedUp

Best PC Optimization Tools

Let’s explore these tools and find how they help you improve your system performance.

1. CCleaner – Best PC Optimization Tool

CCleaner is an all-in-one system utility suite that is lightweight and does not harm your operating system. It removes corrupted files that can mess up your system, clears browsing data, and cleans the registry by removing invalid path references.

Moreover, it increases your system’s performance and speed. With a minimalist design, its interface is clean and easy to navigate. It offers you a secure browsing experience and makes your system secure while making sure that your sensitive information remains secure.


  • It is loaded with top-notch features
  • Great for optimized your system’s performance
  • It is pretty easy to use
  • It has a clean interface


  • Ads make the free version less worthy

Bottom line – CCleaner

CCleaner optimizes your system performance by deleting unwanted files, data, and apps. It makes your system clutter-free while browsing to ensure the privacy of your system.

2. Norton Utilities

Symantec Norton Utilities make your system stable and increase your system speed. Besides, it protects your system from damages caused by corrupted files. It fixes up the registry and performance issues in your system by detecting the problems.

Moreover, it keeps your browser safe and secure by automatically deleting the cookies. You can even protect your details using this tool. As a whole, it is super easy to use even the novice can use it to clean their system and enhance its speed.


  • It provides real-time system monitoring
  • Boost system performance
  • Excellent shredding capabilities
  • Repairs invalid registry, fikes, and data


  • Lacks community-based features

Bottom line – Norton Utilities

It is packed with many useful tools that optimize your system performance and keeps it secure from hackers and malware.

3. iolo System Mechanic – Best PC Optimization Tools

While using the PC many redundant apps, unwanted auto set-up settings, and corrupted RAM sluggish the system speed. iolo System Mechanic is the best PC optimization tools that not only cleans your system, but also assures its privacy by reducing the footprints of your browser activities.

It makes your system clutter-free and fixes any issues with real-time monitoring. It defrags the hard drive, removes junk files, and speeds up the system performance.


  • Streamline and easy to use interface
  • Effective optimization tool
  • It has many licenses
  • Its tools are amazing to deal with system’s problems


  • Doesn’t offer malware protection
  • Provides annual subscription only

Bottom line – iolo System Mechanic

This optimization tool is ideal for power uses. Besides clearing junk and increasing the system’s performance, it effectively performs vital tasks in the background.

4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer – System Optimization Tool

Another free yet best PC optimization tools is the Ashampoo WinOptimizer. This tool increases the speed of Windows and boosts the maintenance of the system. For Windows users, it is a breeze as it caters to the maintenance needs of your Windows.

Also, it makes sure that your system runs smoothly. Further, its set of tools helps you customize your system as per your needs. Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one of the best PC optimization tool available with advanced features.


  • It provides many additional and useful features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Optimizes the Windows performance
  • Easy to use tool


  • Limited features in free version

Bottom line – Ashampoo WinOptimizer

This is an effective tool that makes your Windows look good and tune up its performance. For Windows users, it is the only tool that is enough to deal with any issues that need to be fixed for optimizing system performance.

5. BleachBit – Open-source PC Optimization Tool

BleachBit is an open-source program that is 100% free. It cleans up all the files that are not in use and makes sure that they cannot be recovered. One of its pronounced features is its ability to clear the browser’s privacy data and unneeded files. PC Cleaner does this function by giving you control over the things that need to be deleted.

Experienced users can avail of this feature and enjoy customization features. Further, using this tool you can shred files and they can never be recovered again. This program is safe to use and doesn’t cause any damage to your system by malware. Also, it only removes those files that you ask it to remove.


  • It is an effective and lightweight program
  • It offers customization options
  • Safe program
  • Only delete unwanted files


  • Not a feature-rich program
  • The interface is not user-friendly

Bottom line – BleachBit

Overall, it is a simple and lightweight tool that has many impressive features to clear your PC.

6. AVG PC TuneUp

This tool is popular for cleaning PCs and repairing them. So, if you don’t want to invest your money in buying a new PC, you need to consider this tool. It automatically repairs your system and fixes the errors. This way, it turns your old PC to perform like a new one. Also, it frees up the system space by removing the junk and unwanted files.

Moreover, it contains a sleep mode that doesn’t let the apps and installed programs consume your system’s storage. However, it only activates them at the time of use. This tool provides comprehensive maintenance features that enable you to get comprehensive automatic maintenance.


  • It cleans up your system
  • User-friendly and clean interface
  • A wide range of extra tools are present
  • Provides automatic app updates


  • A bit expensive

Bottom line – AVG PC TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp optimizes the system’s performance, increasing its speed and storage space. It offers excellent maintenance tools that bring life to your old, sluggish PC.

7. Razer Cortex

This PC optimization tool is designed for gamers. If you want to get the best gaming experience on your PC this tool is for you. It boosts the gaming performance and speeds up the PC. Its bunch of tools decreases the static load time and allows you to enjoy games with full gaming potential.

Further, its bright user interface makes it easy for you to navigate its features. It defrags the drive and frees up the disk space. Also, it cleans up your system and stops the background services from using the system’s storage and speed.


  • Features game boosting functions
  • Enhances systems performance
  • Boost the PC speed
  • Allows you to customize gaming settings


  • Limited to gaming rigs

Bottom line – Razer Cortex

If you want to enhance your gaming rig’s performance, this tool is the smart choice. You can get this tool for free.

8. Advanced SystemCare Free

This is an easy-to-use system optimization utility that cleans, optimize, and speeds up the system. It protects your system and assures your online privacy while refreshing web browsing. With a single click, it fixes all the issues and security vulnerabilities of Windows.

So, it makes your system run smoothly by removing junk and unwanted files. You can avail of its many features by downloading free software associated with it that complements its performance. As a whole, it lets you see performance gains after running it on your system.


  • It features many useful all-in-one tools
  • With a single click, it scans your system deeply
  • Cleans spyware, junk files, registry and speed up the performance
  • Its health monitor gives you detailed information of the system’s condition


  • The free version does not have many features
  • Insufficient community support

Bottom line – Advanced SystemCare

It scans and repairs issues within your system. It protects your system from online phishing attacks.

9. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC keeps your PC free of junk files, increases its speed, removes registry and other files and data. With its pretty easy-to-use interface, you can access its many features that effectively enhance your system performance.

It provides an all-in-one solution for enhancing your PC maintenance. It features an attractive blue-and-white interface that is clean and allows you to easily navigate its tools. Also, it provides you privacy and lets you exploit it.


  • Features quick installation
  • It removes the files securely
  • It is clean and simple to use program
  • Contains many system-enhancing tools


  • It doesn’t provide malware protection

Bottom line

It is an easy-to-use program that cleans up your system and fixes issues. It refreshes your computer, and you won’t regret relying on it for your system’s maintenance.

10. Restoro System Optimizer

It provides streamline scans and restores the system’s performance to a better level. It makes sure that overall your system’s performance is increased to a great extent. Also, it identifies vulnerable malware and deletes the suspicious files to make your system secure. With real-time monitoring tools, it detects dangerous apps and prevents them from breaching your system’s privacy.

Moreover, the fast scans and quick recovery of the system ensure that you save your time and money in dealing with these issues. This legitimate program is safe to use, and you won’t worry about any privacy and security problems. The automatic scans come in handy to replace the defective Windows system files with new and secure files.


  • Easy to use program
  • It provides a bunch of features at a good price
  • You’ll get fast and efficient scans
  • Improve long-term performance of the system


  • Limited customer support

Bottom line – Restoro System Optimizer

It is a powerful system cleanup tool that contains a wealth of features to improve your system’s performance.

11. Avira System SpeedUp

This PC optimization tool scans your system to optimize its performance. It features excellent energy saver options that make it worth considering for your system. You can reap benefits from its unlimited features by getting the full version that has more than 20 tools.

It cleans up the system, defragments the files, and optimizes the PC. Besides, it protects antivirus and malware.


  • Optimizes the system and improves its speed
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • Contains many tune-up tools


  • Less system enhancing features

Bottom line – Avira System SpeedUp

Avira boosts your system performance and its boot time. It is an easy-to-use program with privacy tools that makes it unique.

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Conclusion- Best PC Optimization Tools

Summing up the above write-up, we have concluded the best PC optimization tools inject new life into old PCs that have corrupted Windows. CCleaner, Norton Utilities, and iolo System Mechanic are among the few top-notch tools with many fantastic features that you’ll be sure to love using. 

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