Top 9 Best Mathematics Software for Students

Are you feeling difficulty in solving complex math problems? If yes, this round-up is for you. The best mathematics software helps you solve mathematical problems without any hassle. Many people are afraid of handling mathematical tasks. They hire experts to understand and solve complex equations. But the 21st century has brought a solution to your home. With the arrival of mathematical programs, you can easily manage to deal with this dreadful subject.

List of the Top 9 Best Mathematics Software

Solving mathematics is a bit of a daunting task. Thanks to this software that makes calculations easier for us. Here a question arises-how can I find the best program. Below is the hand-chosen list of the best mathematics software. You’ll find this list useful for solving school-level to professional-level mathematical problems. As a bonus, many of them are available as freeware open-source software. So, have a look below:

  1. Microsoft Mathematics
  2. CueThink
  3. GeoGebra
  4. Geometry Pad
  5. PhotoMath
  6. Khan Academy
  7. Maxima
  8. GAP
  9. DoodleMaths

The list contains software that allows teachers to make mathematics classes interactive and encourage collaboration. Also, it enables the students to independently solve maths without needing the help of teachers.

Best Mathematics Software

Solving mathematics problems is not an easier task. Many students want to get rid of this subject due to its complexity. The software reviews here help you tackle complex equations, algorithms, and much more.

1. Microsoft Mathematics – Best Mathematics Software

The top on our list is the free software that contains a ton of features and tools. With its graphical calculator, you can perform advanced calculations. It features calculus, trigonometry, standard, statistics, and linear algebra. Using these tools you can solve complex mathematical equations. This is why it is the most widely chosen software by mathematics and engineering students. Moreover, if you are having problems in solving mathematical equations. It allows you to solve them with just a single click. From its pull-down menu, you can choose a lot of formulas and equations that make calculations a breeze.

Interestingly, you find ease while studying the Pythagorean theorem. The triangular solver can perfectly calculate the sides and angles of the triangle. Plus, it also features a unit converter tool. In the engineering and physics field, conversion of one unit to another is a bit of a daunting task. Thankfully, its unit converter lets you convert units of different parameters with ease. Lastly, you can perform linear algebra by inserting a matrix into your worksheet.


  • Available as a freeware
  • Contains many tools and calculation engines
  • Reliable software
  • Good performance


  • It doesn’t let you perform complex calculations
  • Available for Windows

Bottom line – Microsoft Mathematics

This software is enriched with many scientific tools and calculation engines. Therefore, it is an equally suitable program for students and professionals.

2. CueThink – Best Community-based Software

Do you want to access the best mathematics software for your kids? CueThink is the best choice that introduces the Thinklet for your kids. It provides a step-by-step solution for all math problems. Every ThinkLet guides students with detailed step solutions to every problem. It includes a simple interface that kids can quickly use so they can tackle every problem quickly.

It has many in-app tools that students can use, like a highlighter, scratchpad, and many more. After completing every problem, students can create a video to share with their fellows. It helps them to get feedback from teachers and fellow students.


  • Easy to use software
  • Provides an interactive learning environment
  • Detailed solution for every problem
  • Allows students to share ideas and collaborate


  • Takes some time to understand its interface

Bottom line – CueThink

It is a community-based software that helps students share tasks and solve mathematical problems. Overall it provides solutions to complex mathematical problems and makes learning interactive.

3. GeoGebra – Open-source Mathematics Software

GeoGebra is a powerful software that is available as a free program for students. It allows students to visualize and manipulate maths. Also, for teachers, it is a useful tool that allows them to teach algebra more easily. Teachers can create digital worksheets for students. And students can better understand mathematics by making connections between different aspects of calculations.

Although this software is simple to use, if you’re facing any trouble then its tutorials enable you to understand this software completely. The tutorials allow you to master this software. Whether you want to use its built-in maths explorations or create new ones, this software lets you solve problems using its many tools.


  • Offers several tools for students
  • Excellent software for kids
  • Provides support in different languages
  • Great for linear regression


  • A bit difficult to learn

Bottom line – GeoGebra

It is open-source software that allows students and teachers to learn and teach maths effectively. Teachers can use this software to meet the students’ learning needs and adapt it accordingly.

4. Geometry Pad – Best Interactive Workbook

Are you looking for the best geometry application? Geometry pad is the best app that you can quickly access from your Android tablets. Teachers can use it for student engagement and in their geometry class to deeply understand every concept. So it is not only best for the students, but teachers can also benefit from it.

Geometry pads can use it for completing their geometry assignments without getting help from any teacher or fellow. It has an easy-to-use interface for complex geometry sketches. Geometry users can measure everything in their document, experimental shapes and transformation, and many more.


  • Explore geometric figures and concepts
  • Allows kids to create, manipulate and measure figures
  • Documents can be saved in any format
  • Allows you to share files


  • Not too good for drawing figures
  • The free version offers limited features

Bottom line – Geometry Pad

Geometry Pad is a valuable tool that allows students to explore geometry in a tech-savvy way.

5. PhotoMath – Best Software for Math

Do you want to get reliable mathematical software? So PhotoMath is the best reliable mathematics software that can handle every problem and provide support in various terms. It supports arithmetic, decimal, fraction, linear equations, equation systems, and many more advanced fields like algorithms. So it has everything related to math that any student is looking for completing their assignment.

PhotoMath supports solving the problems and provides a guide in every step so you can directly get the right answer. It has a step-by-step explanation for every equation and math question. Parents can access the child’s progress through their smartphone so they can manage their homework.


  • Solves maths problems using a tech-savvy approach
  • Offers a fun way to solve math
  • Simple and clear design
  • Lots of tutorials for understanding this program


  • Doesn’t provide an opportunity to students for in-depth learning

Bottom line – PhotoMath

This tool is known for solving all math problems in a fun way. It makes learning interactive and introduces a fun factor while solving tough problems. But it doesn’t encourage learning, therefore, to learn advanced math problems you can rely on other software.

6. Khan Academy – Free Math Learning Website

Khan Academy has been one of the leading mathematical software companies for many years. They provide the online video host to users so they can learn at a quick and easy pace. It has an easy-to-use interface with all the mathematical equation solutions, including advanced chapters.

It is a non-profit organization that has some large backups and foundations. It is free software that anyone can get access to and upgrade their knowledge. You can get easy access with just a few clicks. It is the digital era in which every student wants easy and quick access, so khan academy is the best place.


  • Available as a free software
  • Great for solving any level of math problems
  • Encourage learning and problem solving
  • Easy to use interface


  • Its videos need to be more visually appealing

Bottom line – Khan Academy

One of the most popular and high-rated programs for math problem-solving. With its easy-to-use interface, you can access this software to solve your math queries.

7. Maxima- Best Free CAS

Maxima is free software that handles many operations. It is great for solving differential equations numerically. It has many functions and capabilities equal to Maple and Mathematica but all its features are available for free. You can solve equations and compute definite integrals.

It allows you to solve symbolic and numerical expressions, linear equations, and plot data in two and three dimensions. Admittedly, it is tough to operate for beginners. But after learning to use this program you can excel at it easily. The most remarkable feature of this software is that it is great for symbolic calculations.


  • Free open-source software
  • Easy to use
  • Implements many functions
  • TeXmacs integration


  • Not so good for providing documentation

Bottom line – Maxima Math Software

Overall it is an easy-to-use best free Computer Algebra System. It is full-fledged software that makes calculations easy for all users.

8. GAP- Best Computer Algebra Program

GAP is an acronym for Groups Algorithms and Programming. It features an extensive library with a wide range of tools. Its built-in GAP language contains one programming language and many algebraic objects. This program is particularly designed for computational diagnostic algebra.

Moreover, you can use it for learning, teaching, and solving mathematical problems. Also, it can be used for research. Talking about the topics, there comes a list of topics that it contains. Starting from vectors, algebra extends up to representations, combinatorial structures, and far beyond it. Since it is open-source software, you can use it on your device without any worry.


  • Open-source Software
  • Extensive library of features
  • Available as a free software


  • A bit difficult to understand

Bottom line – GAP Math

GAP is great for computer algebra programs and contains a library full of algebraic objects.

9. DoodleMaths

The last on our list is a helpful program that helps students develop their math skills. It features Doodle Star that encourages the students to improve their progress and complete their daily tasks. The program unlocks new lessons weekly so that kids can access them for complete learning.

Moreover, it features a Parents Dashboard that enables parents to keep a track of their child’s progress. They can monitor how many lessons have been completed by their kids and how many stars they have collected so far.


  • Best for kids
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Parents Dashboard
  • Easy to understand


  • Not ideal for professional-level math problems

Bottom line – DoodleMaths

If you’re concerned about your kids’ maths progress, DoodleMaths is the right tool that you should choose. This home learning app is a key to success if your kid takes it seriously to understand and solve mathematical problems.

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Conclusion – Best Mathematics Software

Hopefully, this write-up helps you choose the right software that solves your maths queries. This article has something for everybody. Whether you’re a kid, a teacher, or a professional it lets you handle your tasks effectively. Microsoft Mathematics, CueThink, and GeoGebra are our top three software. Grab any of the software from our top three programs to get a great experience.

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