7 Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics

Are you ready to dive into the high-end design with this amazing write-up about 7 Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics? Is exploring the visual world with vector designs your profession? Or do you want to draw illustrations without losing the quality of graphics? All this possible with illustration software. This roundup is about 7 Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics. Regarding computer graphics, vector graphics are the pioneer way to create vector illustrations. Apart from its popularity in digital marketing and industries, its demand in the Cyberworld is increasing day by day. Thanks to these illustrations it is possible to identify the wanted person. 

Vector graphics have many benefits over pixel graphics. It aims to make the lives of illustrators easier. You can stand out from your imaginations and the illustration software is resolution independent and offers high scalability. Besides, from digital illustrations to technical drawings, mockups, and icons for websites, 3D objects, flyers, and data graphs, vector graphics are real assets that make these tasks perfect for you. Remember the geometric part of mathematics from our childhood? Vector graphics worked on these principles and made simple shapes into complex structures following lines and dots. Similarly, it simply reminds us of the old days of Drawing like connect-the-dots. Now in this era of technology, this childish game has evolved into illustrations. Not that shabby, but pretty innovative!

List of the 7 Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics

Here below is the list of the World’s Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics for all types of yours. Whether you are a newbie or professional you can work like a rock on these software programs for your digital creativity.

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Affinity Designer
  3. Inkscape
  4. CorelDRAW
  5. Vectornator
  6. Skencil
  7. Vecteezy

1.  Adobe Illustrator

It included a bunch of apps in the Creative Cloud for web designing, graphic designing, videos, and image editing. Adobe Illustrator is the pioneer software designed for designers. Adobe illustrator is also known as one of the Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics designers. Digital designers or digital marketers used it for creating wonderful designs. You can create logos, illustrations, icons, designs for branding, social video ads, and packaging with adobe illustrator. Adobe offers many astonishing tools that allow you to make simple designs to more complex designs.

Likewise, you can create vector designs as it provides great scalability. It is designed especially for vector designs, so you don’t need to wonder about the resolution or quality of your designs. The illustrator files retain the crip and are crystal clear irrespective of the file size. In addition to corporate identity designs, its image tracing tools allows you to replicate your hand-drawn designs. Lastly, after subscribing to the library you can access your files on any device where you are connected with it. Also, you can backup your lost files with very easy steps.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible vector graphic tools
  • Excellent scalability
  • Offers affordable packages


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Not much intuitive

Bottom line – Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best vector graphic software. Expensive it is though, but its subscription packages are economical and you can afford them without breaking your bank. Its multitude of tools, palettes, and features allow you to create outstanding designs.

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer, the winner of an Apple design award, provides a perfect blend of raster designs and vector designs. Its three personas including Designer Persona- vector workspace for illustrators, Pixel Persona- a raster workspace, and Export Persona- for exporting graphics. These toggles allow you to create raster graphics or vector graphics separately. You can also use photoshop and illustrator at the same workplace. In terms of its performance, you can easily rely on this software. It offers bundles of brushes, pens, and vector editing tools.  

Moreover, you might feel its performance is improved in the latest versions. Thankfully though, its intuitive interface is easy to navigate. It does not matter which device you are using this illustrator software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad. It offers high scalability and is different from raster graphics. As a vector graphic software, it values and acknowledges the mathematical expressions and utilizes them for making vector designs.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust and light to work
  • Great illustration tools
  • No legacy code required
  • More than a vector software


  • Lacks image trace feature
  • Texts and textures are limited

Bottom line – Affinity Designer

Affinity designer is one of the less expensive vector design software available in the market. Both raster designers and vector designers find it best. Its weekly free trial is great for those who want to check it before investing in it.

3. Inkscape

Getting open-source and free software for scalable graphics is a blessing for designers. Inkscape is this free software with a user-friendly interface. And guess what? It’s super easy to use. And it is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Another good news is that its format is Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) that is supported by both desktops and mobile phones. 

You can doodle the design and make raw ideas and transform them into professional-level designs. Moreover, these complex designs created according to professional formats are ready to publish on the webs. You can convert your raster images into vector files. Also, it makes sure that all work is of high-quality and independent of pixel resolution. 

Therefore, marketing industries, web companies, and other individuals can use it for CAD.  


  • Flexible and powerful vector tool
  • Cross-platform open-source freeware
  • Helpful tutorials for all levels of players
  • Short learning curve


  • The interface is not clear for small screens
  • Slow processing

Bottom line – Inkscape

Inkscape is freeware for creating banners, logos, and illustrators as well. It supports multiple file formats and is compatible with many operating platforms. As a whole, it is a great software for Industries and individual users.

4. CorelDRAW

CorelDraw is an industry editor that meets the needs of different digitally evolving industries. From a layman to professional web designers it is equally suitable. It allows them to create mockups for websites, edit or retouch the images, make web layouts and create innovative vector illustrations. It allows you to avail of its 15 days trial period. After that duration, you become able to decide whether you want to buy this or not. It also offers subscription packages and allows you to choose a package according to your budget. Pretty great, right?

Moreover, CorelDraw is also one of the Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics. It is loaded with many useful apps. First, the amazing thing is PowerTRACE. It converts bitmap images into vector ones with Pixel perfect control. Second, the organizer-oriented tool- FontManager. It manages different fonts. And the final of course the master of all tools in CoralDraw. Additionally, it allows you to draw vectors, collect documents and handle vector packages.


  • Signage rendering 
  • Excellent functionality
  • GU-interface that is easy to use
  • Many features
  • Cross-platform


  • Less intuitive
  • File conversion needs improvements

Bottom line – CorelDRAW

It is the best graphic editing software that is a bit expensive but makes the worth of every spent penny. If you want to start logo designing, product marketing, illustrations, and also website development, this tool is a perfect choice.

5. Vectornator

For an artist, graphical software is a surgical scalpel tool to explore creativity. Even beginner designers can dabble with vector graphic design and it presents a simple interface. The intuitive interface is easy to use for novice designers. Further, you can create illustrations, vector designs, and website layouts. It provides fantastic tools and features free of cost. It includes contour tools, custom fonts, image tracer, editor, and color profiles CMYK.

Moreover, it allows you to create illustrations in groups. Experience working with wonderful vectornator singly or rock your creativity while working in teamwork. All above, its 19-years old founder has introduced many award-winning features in this software. 

Due to these record-breaking features vectornator successfully left behind all other software. It is compatible with the iPad and Mac. Apple users can create amazing designs using the stylus. Regardless of the size of the iPhone display, its interface is customizable to all sizes of screens. 


  • Intuitive interface
  • Freeware
  • Unlimited layers
  • Color profiles
  • Teamwork 


  • Objects duplicating is a bit difficult 

Bottom line – Vectornator

This freeware is compatible with iPhone and mac. It contains unlimited layers and you can create simple to advance level designs using this software. Both amateurs and professionals use this for learning and making masterpieces.

6. Skencil

Skencil gives you the freedom to play with tools, shapes, and expressions. You can create vector designs and a web screen design. Also, it allows you to create, edit shapes, draw illustrations, rendering, 2D drawings, and object manipulation. Python language is incorporated with skencil. Moreover, it features advanced primitive designs like Bézier Curves and blend groups.

You can import and export graphics and print them when required. Some designers have used this powerful tool in groups and community users have added a lot of plug-ins to this software. It supports all web-based devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also consider Skencil as one of the Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics.


  • Excellent for Wireframes
  • Many plugins
  • Free software
  • Multiple screen layouts


  • SVG format support is outdated
  • Lacks built-in collaboration tools
  • Advanced text editing is not possible

Bottom line – Skencil

Skencil offers many graphic editing tools for illustrations. It is implemented with python language. UI design-oriented features make it easy to use for different projects. Even more, Your vector designing becomes simpler with this powerful software.

7. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a powerful graphic designing software that is free to use. It updates many features that are introduced regularly for freebies. We like its browsing option that allows you to search for different results. In this regard, tags help you to search graphics and you can also add tags to your graphics as a contributor.

This online editor makes background images, illustrators, edit and create vector designs. You can customize its tools and make illustrations from scratch. Moreover, as a registered user, you can download many files per day that makes illustration easier for you.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to learn
  • Web-based software


  • Not compatible with windows and mac
  • Not application available

Bottom line – Vecteezy

Vecteezy is the most famous free vector editing software for illustrations. If you want to draw illustrations from scratch Vecteezy is the right tool. It is a web-based software that offers many tools in the free version. But the premium version gives unlimited access to all features.

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Conclusion – Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics

The digital ecosystem is improving very much and its high demand has urged us to diversity and boost our talent using illustration tools. This is why we have shifted through the clutter and funneled 7 Best Illustration Software for Vector Graphics.

Hopefully, this roundup has provided much information regarding the best illustration software. You can create detailed illustrations using this astonishing software. Add to that a wave of other features that are useful for web developers and entrepreneurs. So that all our illustration software review.

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