Best Database Management Software for You to Work in 2023

Whether you are running a small business or a larger one, database management is essential. That is where the best database management software comes into play. These software enables you to access useful information. instantly.

Let’s begin with what exactly is database management software. These are the software that provides a solution to business owners to manage and optimize the storage. With such software, it becomes pretty much easy for one to read, create, protect, or delete data in a database.

Therefore, the sole or prime purpose of database management software is to organize the data in such a way that it can be accessed easily. These software come with the following benefits.
Organizations can upgrade the useful storage without impacting the operations.

With database management software organizations get to enforce policies that enable data security.

  • You get to have a single interface with a single database.
  • It enables efficient and fast collaboration between users.
  • You get to have uniform management and administration.
  • Database management software allows you to audit and logging of activity.

List of Best Database Management software

The next question or confusion that might occur when choosing such software is which one is best suitable for you.

For example, if you’d been looking for the software that’s featured to keep the track of employees. And is capable enough to manage their data and all that. You need to be wise with your choice and go for the software that works best for you. Therefore, we compiled a list of the best database management software you can completely rely on.

  1. Improvado
  2. MySQL
  3. Knack
  4. Microsoft SQL Server
  5. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  6. IBM Informix
  7. Altibase

1. Improvado

Improvado is the database management software that is designed especially for marketers. It enables them to gather and then access all their data in one place. Therefore, it is the best choice you have got for marketing platforms.

With this software, you would not even feel the need for developers because Improvado has got all the features one would require in accomplishing a task. Moreover, it provides you with the freedom to use Improvado dashboard within the software or to download your data.

Not just this, but Improvado comes with more than 150 integrations like Salesforce, Facebook, Looker, Google, LinkedIn, etc. however, if you see that you couldn’t find the desired integration you can offer a request and it would become available.


  • You get to create map data and custom metrics across platforms.
  • This software is best suitable for ad agencies to manage their campaigns.
  • It provides active and reliable customer support.
  • With Improvado you won’t feel any need for developers.
  • Improvado is completely customizable.
  • It comes with a clean user interface and simple functioning.


  • In order to get things exactly the way you want you would have to connect to Improvado customer support quite often in the beginning.

2. MySQL

MySQL is another best database management software. The reason behind its popularity is its multi-user, very fast, and multi-thread SQL database server. Moreover, MySQL comes with robust technical support and serves complete security against cyber-attacks.

Not just this but using MySQL will increase the security and scalability of the database. So that you could perform your job efficiently. You can keep pace with the next web generation by using MySQL clusters. Its enterprise edition comes equipped with several advanced features so that you could achieve security and stability.

MySQL Document store is one of the most noticeable features that lets you develop NoSQL and SQL. With this feature, you won’t have to purchase a separate database for NoSQL data. Other distinguishing features include MySQL Enterprise backup, high availability, encryption, Audit, Monitor, etc.


  • MySQL low cost and structure makes it a perfect suit for small business.
  • It comes with better data recovery capability.
  • You get to have complete flexibility when it comes to data customization.
  • It offers easy data navigation.
  • Even a beginner with no or little programming experience can go well with it.
  • It comes with cross-platform support.


  • It depends too much on third-party plugins.

3. Knack

Knack is one of the simplest choices you have got when it comes to database management. You get to use this online software with SaaS-based tools so that you can easily extend, structure and connect data with no coding.

Moreover, Knack would go pretty well for specific business needs because it’s customizable web applications. You get to transform your data into insights using pivot tables, dashboards, graphs, and many types of charts. That would not only make things easier for you and would let you flourish your business in the best possible way.

Knack has plenty of customer base including Spotify, Honda, Intel, Panasonic, Capital One, etc. Knack places special importance on the security of user’s data. It uses AWS, backups, and other security-related policies.


  • Knack’s simplicity is something that is appreciated the most by users.
  • You get to have plenty of database templates.
  • It provides easy and quick access to regular statuses.
  • You get to have a centralized workflow.
  • The pricing it comes with is quite affordable.
  • It comes with plenty of widgets like searches, online platforms, filters, etc.
  • Knack can go well with the existing software infrastructure.


  • It lacks efficient customer support.

4. Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is your multipurpose database management software that suits you well for storing and retrieving multiple requests. You get to perform even complex analyses on the database. Moreover, you get to analyze and extract data from heterogeneous sources with its BI semantic model.

The reason behind Microsoft SQL servers’ popularity is their excellent performance. It lets you turn raw data into insights that could be shared with any device or platform. Automatic Plan Correction is its most distinguishing feature that fixes SQL plan performance.

Therefore, the Microsoft SQL Server is the best solution you have got for the management of databases for your well-developed business.


  • Microsoft SQL Server is the best software you have got to handle your complex queries.
  • It is much easy to set up this software.
  • You get to create multiple types of tables, charts, and other designs.
  • It comes with easy management of distributed databases.
  • You get to save the diverse type of data.
  • Data can be replicated quite easily.
  • Last but not least it is affordable and easy to install the software.


  • It spends too much time for long query execution.

5. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

The next best database management software we have got on our list is Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). It proved to be a good choice for data scientists, digital-native companies, database administrators, experienced data users, and other IT-related users.

Moreover, Amazon RDS offers easy access to database engines like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle. It comes with such a feature that offers a dedicated source connection. You get to create templates and get control of everything.

Users of Amazon RDS get to have plenty of controls for the efficient management of their data. It offers exceptional security practices so that users could rely on it completely.


  • Amazon RDS offers robust and stable performance.
  • It processes quite efficiently even with a heavy workload.
  • You won’t have to pay for anything extra just the sources you are using at a time.
  • It provides capable and responsive customer support.
  • This software is very security conscious.
  • It comes with good storage space.


  • It restricts you from checking server log because it has no physical servers.

6. IBM Informix

IBM Informix, known for its industry-leading Online Transaction Processing makes it one of the best database management software. It comes with a hybrid database management system so that you could get structured and unstructured data.

IBM Informix comes equipped with many distinguishing features that let thousands of business owners around the world go for it. Moreover, when it comes to stability IBM Informix is like no other. It eliminates downtime to ensure that it remains capable to maintain and upgrade the grid.

The size of this database management software varies from several GB to tens of TB making it the best software for storing a large amount of data.


  • IBM Informix comes with the best replicating techniques.
  • It comes with an intuitive dashboard to monitor the server’s performance.
  • When compared to other software it embeds quite efficiently.
  • Its data compression capability opens gates for faster backup operations.
  • This software comes equipped with Pluggable Authentication modules.


  • Its pricing policy is a bit complex.

7. Altibase

The last database management software we have got on our list is Altibase. You could draw an idea about its popularity from the fact that big companies like HP, Hyundai, Samsung, etc. are Altibase clients. It is a high-performance, open-source, and enterprise-grade database.

Moreover, it offers flexible deployment with three modes including Hybrid mode, In memory only, and on disk. You would even love the fact that there is no performance degradation when scaling up the database.

Its noticeable features include system catalog, ACID Compliance, SQL DML support, Multi-platform, Data failure recovery, and Unicode support.


  • You get to have all the features for an efficient enterprise-grade application.
  • It offers wider accessibility.
  • This software supports all the languages that support ODBC and JDBC.
  • Migration from the legacy database is quite simpler with Altibase.
  • It provides active and reliable customer support.


  • It fails to work for mobile phones.

Here are some best system security software that you can use to protect your precious data.

Best Database Management Software – Final Words

We provided you with the seven best database management software that you could opt for your business. with the above detail, you would have realized the importance of having database management software. It makes you access or shares important information about employees, their payment, your business struggle, and all that quite easily.

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