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TechTwitch is a challenging tech media beginning that aims to make people’s life better by educating them on various aspects and tech gadgets. We mostly love to provide on how to use their tech product(s) in the most efficient way possible. Moreover, users can also find Tech Tips, Software and Services Reviews, How to Tips on Gaming, and Tech with the latest information.

We publish software recommendations and Advice, how-to’s, product reviews, and useful tips to get the most of your gadgets.

Founder and Team Members

Founder – Muhammad Sheraz
Editor-in-Chief – Farhan Shona
Writers – Zain Ul Abdeen, Farhat Batool, Maryam Ali

Our site is built around reviews, advice, and helping you to understand the choices you have. Whether you’re looking to buy something for your home, work, or backyard. It would be awesome if you could all fill your cart with the 5 best products, take them home, try them out, and return the four you don’t want. Unfortunately, none of us have the time.

But everything we put onto our site has been written and edited by experts in their fields. In fact, we have professionals to check our reviews, features, and guides to make sure that the review and advice we offer is the best you’ll read. After all, if we don’t get it right, we aren’t fulfilling our aim to help you live better.