About Us

TechTwitch is writing about the best consumer products, software, Android & iOS Apps and various aspects of life. Our primary aim is to help and assist you to live better and smarter with the knowledge of new and upcoming technology events and gadgets. We cover a broad range of topics including desktop, laptop, software, application, Android, and iOS, Apple Mac as well.

But everything we put onto our site has been written and edited by experts in their fields. In fact, we often ask professionals to check our reviews, features, and guides to make sure that the advice we offer is the best you’ll read. After all, if we don’t get it right, we aren’t fulfilling our aim to help you live better and you’re less likely to trust our reviews and come back to our site.

Our site is built around reviews, advice, and helping you to understand what the choices you have. There’s more choice than ever when it comes to parting with your money. Whether you’re looking to buy something for your home, work, or the backyard, sifting through loads of information and learning about something from scratch takes a long time. Sure, it would be awesome if you could all fill your cart with the ten best products, take them home, try them out and return the nine you don’t want. Unfortunately, none of us have the time.

Work Strategy

We’ve assembled a team of writers and reviewers who each bring specialized skills and expertise, along with a group of editors who have great knowledge of each content area. We monitor trends, follow industry news, rub elbows with thought-leaders and keep an eye on new advancements in home, services, and technology to decide what we review and cover on site.

We gather data on features, ease of use, durability and the level of customer support provided by the manufacturer. We use these to formulate a score for each product and factor in price too. Often there might not be an ‘overall best’ product in a category because each has its own strength and weaknesses. In these cases we work out which one is going to be best ‘for most people’.

How we make money

We’re serious about editorial integrity. We want to make sure you are happy with the product or service TechTwitch has recommended because we want you to come back next time you need advice. We also want to make sure you get the right product or service for you.

Once our reviews are complete and published, our commercial staff may pursue various means of developing additional revenue. That may include traditional advertising, sponsorships, or lead generation. Sponsored content is clearly marked, and you can find out more about TechTwitch content funding here.

To be clear, these methods of monetization in no way affect the review score that a product, service, or company receives, ever. We do not accept commercial funding or individual payments to include a product or service for review, or to change any aspect of the review content or score, ever.

Moreover, we use these various revenue streams not only to support our staff but also to purchase products for review, to outfit our offices with the best tools and equipment for testing, and to continue to expand the number of products and services we review.

We are all about helping you find the product or service that works for you. We exist to make your complicated decisions easier. If you ever have any specific questions about the reviews on our site, please contact us by email at:

Muhammad Zeeshan